When should I update my Will?

As mentioned in one of our earlier articles (Why make a Will), your last Will and testament is one of the most important documents you'll ever make and will have a lasting effect on those you leave behind. So, there is never a better time to make your Will than now.

Most people's circumstances change over time and a Will is something that should also be updated in line with those changes – a bit like buying bigger clothes for your child as they grow up.

These are a few major life events when most people would look to updating their Will:

  • If your marital status changes
  • If you sell anything that is left as a gift in your Will
  • If you buy something and want to leave it as a gift in your Will
  • If you adopt or have (additional) children
  • If you lose a child or children
  • If you move to a new country (you are likely to need a totally new Will in your new country of residence)
  • If the person you appointed as the guardian for your children needs to be changed
  • If your executors need to be changed
  • If you change your mind about the instructions contained in your Will

Your Will is valid until you make a new Will (thereby 'revoking' the old Will), making a codicil (a separate legal document making minor alterations to your Will without the need to draft a completely new Will). Your Will can also be revoked by destroying it.

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