How it works

Step 1

Request a call back

Complete the form below to tell us how we can help you, whether its to draft a Will or help you if a loved one has sadly passed away or help you with an insurance policy to cover the costs of dying

Step 2

Schedule an appointment

We'll arrange an appointment with you at a time and place most convenient for you (including by phone of video call)

Step 3

We’ll draft your Will

We’ll take your instructions and draft a Will that does everything you need it to. We’ll also calculate the costs of dying and offer you a low policy to cover these (completely optional)

Step 4

We’ll send your Will back to you

Once our specialists have drafted your Will they’ll send it back to you to review and make any changes you may need

Step 5

Peace of mind

Take comfort knowing that you’ve made provision for your loved ones, that they wont be exposed to financial crisis should the worst happen

Wills cater for your needs and more

  • Revoking all former Wills (that no longer fit your requirements)
  • Appoint executors and trustees who will ensure that your wishes are carried out to the letter
  • Ability to gift sums of money
  • Ability to gift items like family heirlooms e.g. jewellery
  • Ability to deal with your property – ensuring that your house should not be sold upon your death
  • Appoint guardians for children you may have
  • Set up a testamentary trust to regulate maintenance for any minor children and a surviving spouse
  • Nominate who will receive the rest of your estate – anything from furniture to ornaments