About us

At Make a Will, we believe in making legal services easy. With 70% of the South African population not having a Will, the ramifications are enormous.

Many people will pass away leaving their families, in particular their children, in a very uncomfortable position and potentially facing financial ruin.

Estate duties, conveyancing costs, trustees’ fees and other legal fees can amount to hundreds of thousands of Rands, which many people simply cannot afford. Capital Legacy offers an optional range of low-cost Legacy Protection PlansTM that cover the cost of winding up your estate.

The service is designed to be efficient and of the highest quality. It takes less than an hour to ensure the lives of your loved ones left behind are secure.

We hope you find our service easy to use. If there is anything we can do to improve the service please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the costs to consider after death?

Executor fees

This is the fee charged by the executor or assisting professional to wind up your estate.

A maximum of 3.5% + VAT of your gross estate will be charged.

Example: An estate worth R3 million will pay ±R120 750 in fees

Testamentary trusts for minors

This is the fee charged by the trustees to administer the trust you create in terms of your Will, normally to look after the money you leave to minors (children under the age of 18).

On average, 1.14% will initially be charged on Net assets and 1.6% will be charged annually.

Example: The total cost with R1.5 million in assets over 15 years is ±R367 000

Property transfer fees

This is the fee charged by the transferring attorney when property needs to be inherited.

The attorney charges according to the tariff as provided for by the S.A. Law Society, effectively a percentage of the value of the property(ies) being conveyed.

Example: A home worth R1 850 000 being transferred to a beneficiary will cost ±R16 750 in fees to the estate